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Gröditzer Fittings



We are a long-established medium-sized company. Our flat hierarchy permits short and efficient production routes, thereby guaranteeing a high degree of flexibility and speed for our customers.

Finishing, quality assurance, shipping and marketing are carried out at our premises in Gröditz.

In addition to our standard offers, we also produce a comprehensive range of customer-specific products.

Quality assurance

During quality control, the fittings are tested for material strength, tightness, thread quality, angularity and alignment.

After finishing, all products are provided with a temporary protection against corrosion in the continuous dip process.

The anti-corrosion agents do not contain any lacquer- repellent components.

Storage / shipping

We have a warehouse product range of approx. 1500 articles.

Consistently high quality, an excellent supply capability and on-schedule delivery have top priority.

We guarantee that your order arrives to you safely packaged, punctually and properly packaged.