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Gröditzer Fittings

Custom builds

We fulfill special requests

If you cannot find the solution to your requirements in our catalogue, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Thread design according to customer request

Thread manufacture for non-standard fittings and barrel nipples in various sizes, lengths and shapes
(for example: R/Rp, G, NPT)

Various surface treatments

The following galvanic treatments are available:

  • blue chrome
  • black chrome
  • thick film passivation with and without seal

Barrel double nipples in individual lengths

We can provide products in various types of steel and in different lengths of up to 3000 mm. On request, customer-specific and individual parts can be produced on the basis of drawings.

Packaging labels in accordance with customer specifications

Carton labels as well as the delivery documents can be completed on request with the following information:

  • customer-specific article numbers
  • article description
  • customer EAN
  • storage location
  • storage compartment